Pare and core some of the largest and finest pippins. Put them in your preserving kettle,* with some lemon-peel, and all the apple-parings. Add a very little water, and cover them closely. Boil them till they are tender, taking care they do not burn. Take out the apples, and spread them on a large dish to cool. Pour the liquor into a bag, and strain it well. Put it into your kettle with a pound of loaf-sugar to each pint of juice, and add lemon juice to your taste. Boil it five minutes, skimming it well. Then put in the whole apples, and boil them slowly half an hour, or till they are quite soft and clear. Put them with the juice, into your jars, and when quite cold, tie them up with brandy paper.

Preserved apples are only intended for present use, as they will not keep long.

Pears may be done in the same way, either whole or cut in half. They may be flavored either with lemon or cinnamon, or both. The pears for preserving should be green.