Pears Compote

Choose your fruit carefully, take off the tops, and trim the tails, wash and drain them well; then put them into a skillet with sugar, cinnamon, two or three cloves, a little red wine, and some water. Set them on a slow fire, taking care to skin them. When sufficiently done, they will look wrinkled. Peel your fruit, and put it into a well glazed pipkin, with a glass of wine, a little cinnamon, sugar to the taste, and a little water; put in also a pewter spoon; cover the pipkin close, and set it on hot ashes. When done, the pears will be of a fine red color.

Pears To Compound

Take a dozen large pears, coddle them; when tender, take them out and lay them in cold water, pare and cut them in halves; take out the cores, put them in sirup made thus: - Two pounds and a half of sugar to three pints of water, a little lemon-peel pared very thin, boiled in them, and a little cochineal bruised and put into a muslin bag: covet them, boil them quick till they are tender and of a good color; when cold, squeeze in the juice of two or three lemons.

Pears Preserved

Take care in making this preserve that the fruit be not too ripe; they are in a fit state as soon as the pips are black. Set the pears on the fire in a sufficient quantity of water to cover them; take them off when quite soft, and throw them into cold water; pare them lightly, cut off the stalks, prick each with a pin sufficiently long to reach the core, and put them again into cold water, with a handful of alum; set them on the lire to boil until the [ears are tender, then take them out, and put them into cold water for the third time. Clarify and boil some sugar, put some water to it, and when it boils, add the pears, cover the pan, and give the whole a boil; skim and pour it into an earthen pan and leave it. The next day, drain the sirup from the pears, add a little more clarified sugar to it, and boil it again; pour it over the fruit, and leave it as before; the next and two successive days, proceed in the same way, each time increasing the degree of boiling, then add the pears, give the preserve a boil (covered), skim and pour it into a pan, and place it in a stove for two days, then drain the fruit, and put it by for use.