Baked Pears (1)

Take twelve large baking pears; pare and cut them into halves, leaving the stem about half an inch long; take out the core with the point of a knife, and place them close together in a block-tin saucepan, the inside of which is quite bright, with the cover to fit quite close; put to them the rind of a lemon cut thin, with half its juice, a small stick of cinnamon, and twenty grains of allspice; cover them with spring-water, and allow one pound of loaf-sugar to a pint and a half of water: cover them up close, and bake them for six hours in a very slow oven: they will be quite tender, and of a bright color. Observations: Prepared cochineal is generally used for coloring the pears; but if the above is strictly attended to, it will be found to answer best.

Baked Pears (2)

Take half a dozen fine pears, peel, cut them in halves, and take out the cores; put them into a pan with a little red wine, a few cloves, half a pound of sugar, and some water. Set them in a moderate oven till tender, then put them on a slow fire to stew gently; add grated lemon-peel, and more sugar if necessary. They will be sufficiently red.