Stewed Pears (1)

Wash and prick some large stewing pears, and set them on the fire in a large stewing-pan of water to scald; when scalded, take them out, and put them on the fire in a pan with a sufficient quantity of thin clarified sugar to cover them, a stick of cinnamon, a little mace, and two or three cloves; let them stew gently till they begin to soften and look rather red, then put in a bottle of Port wine, and let them continue stewing until perfectly done, and look very rich and red; then put them in a basin or jar, with the liquor over them; they will be all the better for keeping four or five days.

Stewed Pears (2)

Pare, cut into quarters, and take out the core of six good baking pears; throw them as they are done into water. To a pound of fruit allow a quarter of a pound of brown sugar, and three cloves; put them into a saucepan, cover them with cold water, keep the pan closely covered, and stew them gently, till red and tender; add, just before serving, a glass of Port wine. They may be eaten hot or cold, with cream, after dinner or at supper.