Puffs (1)

Roll out puff paste nearly a quarter of an inch thick, and, with a small saucer, or tin cutter of that size, cut it into round pieces: place upon one side raspberry or strawberry jam, or any sort of preserved fruit, or stewed apples; wet the edges, fold over the other side, and press it round with the finger and thumb. Or cut the paste into the form of a diamond, lay on the fruit, and fold over the paste, so as to give it a triangular shape. See Paste.

Puffs (2)

Put into a saucepan a pint of milk, boil slowly, and stir in flour till it be very thick, like paste; when cold, mix with it six well-beaten eggs, a table-spoonful of sugar, half a nutmeg, and the peel of a small lemon grated, and a table-spoonful of brandy; beat it well together for fifteen minutes, and when quite light, drop it from a dessert-spoon into a pan of boiling clarified suet or lard. Serve with pounded loaf sugar strewed over them.

Irish Puffs

Add to five well-beaten yolks and two whites of eggs, a large table-spoonful of flour, no! quite an ounce of melted butter, and half a tea-spoonful of salt; beat it all well for ten minutes, and add half a pint of cream; bake it in buttered teacups; turn them out, and serve them with a sweet sauce.

Spanish Puffs

Put into a saucepan, half a pint of water and a quarter of a pound of butter; stir it till it boils, and mix in four table-spoonfuls of flour; stir it well together, and add six yolks and four whiles of eggs, two at a time; let it cool, and, with a dessert-spoon, drop it into boiling clarified dripping or lard.

To make ginger puffs, a tea-spoonful of pounded ginger may be added.

Tux Bridge Puffs

Put into a nicely-tinned saucepan a pint of milk, and when it boils, stir in as much flour as will make it a thick batter; add three well-beaten eggs, and two or three drops of oil of cinnamon, or any other seasoning; dust a large flat plate with flour, with a spoon throw on it the batter, in the form of balls or fritters, and drop them into boiling clarified dripping or lard. Serve them with pounded loaf sugar strewed over.

The batter may be made into a pudding, adding with the eggs an ounce of salt but-ter. Boil and serve it with a sweet sauce.

Almond Puffs

Blanch two ounces of sweet almonds, and beat them fine with orange flower water, whisk the whites of three eggs to a high froth, strew in a little sifted sugar, mix the almonds with the sugar and eggs, and add more sugar till as thick as paste. Lay it in cakes, and bake it on paper in a cool oven.

Claret Puffs

Mix together, and sweeten with pounded loaf sugar, a pint of claret, and rather more than one of rich cream; let it stand a night, and then whisk it to a froth, which take off as it rises, and put upon the back of a sieve to drain; heap it upon a dish, sweeten some rich cream, and pour it round the froth, to make it float.

Puffs Of Preserved Fruit

Roll out, a quarter of an inch thick, good puff paste, and cut it into pieces four inches square; lay a small quantity of any kind of jam on each, double them over, and cut them into square, triangle, or, with a tin cutter, half moons; lay them with paper on a baking-plate; ice them, bake them about twenty minutes, taking care not to color the icing.

German Puffs (1)

Mix very well with two large table-spoonfuls of flour, a quarter of a pint of cream, two well-beaten eggs, and a tea-spoonful of grated nutmeg, a very little salt, and one ounce of butter beaten to a cream; bake it in buttered cups for twenty or thirty minutes; turn them out upon a dish, and serve them instantly; pour a sweet sauce round them.

German Puffs (2)

Beat to a cream a quarter of a pound of fresh butter, blanch and pound one ounce of sweet almonds with a little rose water, beat five yolks and three whites of eggs; mix all together with two large table-spoonfuls of flour, and sweeten it with pounded loaf sugar; bake it in buttered cups, and serve them with a sweet sauce.