Half a pound of stewed pumpkin.

Three eggs.

A quarter of a pound of fresh butter, or a pint of cream. A quarter pound of powdered white sugar Half a glass of wine and brandy mixed. Half a glass of rose-water. A tea-spoonful of mixed spice, nutmeg, mace and cinnamon.

Stew some pumpkin with as little water as possible. Drain it in a cullender, and press it till dry. When cold, weigh half a pound, and pass it through a sieve. Prepare the spice. Stir together the sugar and butter, or cream, till they are perfectly light. Add to them, gradually, the spice and liquor.

Beat three eggs very light, and stir them into the butter and sugar alternately with the pumpkin.

Cover a soup-plate with puff-paste, and put in the mixture. Bake it in a moder-ate oven about half an hour.

Grate sugar over it, when cool

Instead of the butter, you may boil a pint of milk or cream, and when cold, stir into it in turn the sugar, eggs, and pumpkin.