Pick six or eight snipes very nicely, but do not wash them; take out the inside. Roast the birds, and cut off all the meat from the breasts, in thin slices; pound the bones, legs, and backs, in a mortar, and put them into a stew-pan, with the juice of a lemon, a little flour, and some well-seasoned gravy; boil it till it be thick, and well flavored with the game, then strain it. Cut half a pound of ham into thin long slices, and heat, it in a little butter, with two minced shallots; put it, with the breasts of the snipes, into the strained sauce, and let it boil. Pound the inside, or trail, with a little salt, spread it over thin bits of toasted bread, and hold over it a hot salamander. Put the rag upon this, and place the ham round it.