Cut a couple of young rabbits into quarters, and bruise a quarter of a pound of bacon in a mortar, with the livers, some pepper, salt, a little mace, pars-lev, cut small, and a few leaves of sweet basil; when these are all beaten line, line your pie-dish with a nice crust, then put a layer of the seasoning at the bottom of the dish, and put in the rabbits; pound some more bacon in a mortar, mix with it some fresh butter, and cover the rabbits with it, and over that lay thin slices of bacon; put on the cover, and place it in the oven; it will be done in about two hours; when baked, take off the cover, take out the bacon and skim oft' the fat, and if there is not a sufficient quantity of gravy, add some rich mutton or veal gravy.

Rabbit Pie, Raised

Cut your rabbits in pieces, and put them into a stew-pan; with a bit of fresh butter, lemon-juice, pepper, salt, parsley, thyme, shallots, chopped very fine, and a little pounded mace. When the pieces of rabbit are about half done, lay them on a dish, and when cold, raise the crust; pat light forcemeat at the bottom; the rabbit upon it, and more forcemeat upon the top. Cover it, and put it in a moderate oven to bake gently; when done, lake off the cover, and add a ragout of sweetbreads cock's combs, etc., and serve.