Sweetbreads, Italian Attelets

Blanch some nice sweetbreads, and stew them in a well-seasoned gravy, made of meat and vegetables; when cold, cut them into pieces of nearly an inch square, put them into a sauce d'attelets, and let them cool. With silver skewers, skewer the sweetbreads, and a bit of ready-dressed calf's udder alternately; make them all as much as possible of an equal size, and of a square form. Moisten them with the sauce, and cover them with grated bread, then dip them into four well beaten eggs, strew over them some more grated bread, and level it with a knife; fry them of a fine brown, and serve with an Italian sauce, white or brown.

If the attelets are ready before they are required to be fried, strew grated bread over the cover of a stewpan, and lay them upon it.

How To Boil Sweetbread

Parboil it, rub it with butter, and broil it over a slow fire, turn it frequently, and baste it now and then, by putting it upon a plate kept warm by the fire with butter in it.

Sweetbreads A La Dacphinjt

If for a round dish, take four large and fine sweetbreads. If for a long dish, three will suffice. Pare off the fat and sinews, and blanch them in warm water, parboil them, and when cold, lard them. Rub a stew-pan with fresh butler, and put into it a few sliced carrots and onions, then a layer of slices of fat bacon place She sweetnreads upon the bacon, sprinkle a little salt over them, and stew them with a great deal of fire on the top, and a very slow one beneath; when they are nicely browned, cover them with a piece of buttered paper, cut round, and lessen the fire upon the top. They will require to stew for three-quarters of an hour, then drain and put them into a pan with some glaze, and the bacon underneath. Leave them, in the glaze till dinner time.

Sweetbreads Full Dressed

Parboil them, and let them get cold; then cut them in pieces, about three-quarters of an inch thick; dip them in the yolk of an egg, then in fine bread crumbs (some add spice, lemon-peel, and sweet herbs); put some clean dripping, into a frying-pan: when it boils, put in the sweetbreads, and fry them a fine brown. For garnish, crisp parsley and for sauce, mushroom ketchup and melted butter, or anchovy sauce, or bacon or ham,

Small Cases Of Scollops Of Sweetbreads

Blanch and parboil some sweetbreads, cut them- into small scollops. Then chop separately, and finely, half a pint of mushrooms, a little parsley, and four or five shallots, add a little fat bacon, rasped, and a piece of fresh butter season the scollops with pepper, salt, and a little mace, stew it all together over a slow fire; when done, drain off the fat, place the scollops in small paper cases, winch have been fried in olive oil, cover them with plenty of finely-chopped herbs, and strew over them fried bread crumbs; lay the paper cases for a moment into the oven, and before serving, pour into each a little rich gravy, and a little lemon-juice.

Sweetmeat Fritters

Cut small any sort of candied fruit, and heat it with a bit of fresh butter, some good milk, and a little grated lemon-peel; when quite hot, stir in enough of flour to make it into a stiff paste, take it off the fire, and work in eight, or ten eggs, two at a time; when cold, form the fritters, and fry, and serve them with pounded loaf sugar strewed over them.