Take the juice of a large lemon, the,peel (pared very thin), a glass of brandy, two of white wine, and a quarter of a pound of powder-sugar; put these ingredients into a pan, and leave them; the next day, add a pint of thick cream, and the whites of two eggs; whip the whole well, and pour the syllabub into glasses. They are the better for keeping a day or two. If the syllabubs are not wanted quite so good as the above, raisin or mountain wine will do as well as brandy.

Syllabub Somersetshire

Put a pint of Port, and a pint of Sherry, or any other white wine, into a large bowl, sweeten it according to taste; milk the bowl full; in about twenty minutes' time, cover it tolerably high with clouted cream; grate nutmeg over it; add pounded cinnamon, and nonpareils.

Syllabub Staffordshire

Put a pint of cider, a glass of brandy, sugar, and nutmeg, into a bowl, and milk into it; or pour warm milk from a large tea-pot some height into it.

Syllabub (1)

One pound of ratafia cakes pounded and steeped in two bottles of Port wine, one of claret, and one of brandy, the grated peel and juice of two lemons, one large nutmeg grated, and two ounces of sweet almonds, blanched and pounded with a little rose-water, and pounded sugar sufficient to make it sweet - Put all these ingredients, well mixed, into a large China bow 1, or bowls of an equal size, and let the milk of a good cow be milked upon them; add a little rich cream and sifted loaf sugar, and cover it to keep it warm. It may be served out into glasses with a silver ladle.

Syllabub (2)

A large glass of Madeira, one of rich sweet wine, and half a one of ratafia, half a pound of pounded loaf sugar, the grated peel of a large lemon, the juice of two, and a little pounded cinnamon; stir it all together till the sugar be dissolved, and add a quart of rich cream; whisk it well; lay some macaroons into the bottom of a dish, and pile the frothed syllabub high upon it. It may be kept nine or ten days, and is better the third and fourth than when first made.

Solid Syllabub

A quarter of a pint of mountain, the same of white wine, the grated peel of two, and juice of one lemon; sweeten, and add it to a quart of rich cream; whisk it for an hour, and put it into glasses. It will keep a week in cold weather.

Syllabub, Common

Half a pint of currant, the same of Port or white wine, half a grated nutmeg, and the peel of a lemon; sweeten well with pounded loaf or good brown sugar, and mix it together in a China bowl, and when the sugar dissolves, milk upon it three or four pints of milk. Serve it when cold.

Whipt Syllabub (1)

Mix together half a glass of brandy, a little lemon-juice, and grated peel, with sugar enough to sweeten the whole; stir it into a pint of thick cream, and add the well-beaten whites of six eggs; whisk it fur an hour, and put the froth, as it rises, upon a sie\e to drain; put a little Port and sweet wine into glasses, and fill them up with the froth.

Whipt Syllabub (2)

Mix with a pint of cream, half a pint of sweet wine, a glass of brandy, the juice of a lemon, grated nutmeg, six ounces of sifted loaf sugar: nearly fill the custard-glasses with the mixture, and lay on with a spoon some of the whip.