Tartlets (1)

Butter some small tartlet pans; line them with a nice thin puff paste, mark it neatly round the edges, bake them; when they are cold, till them with custard, preserve, or any sweetmeat you think proper, and if you choose, pour custard over.

Tartlets (2)

Roll out the paste about a quarter of an inch thick, and lay upon it the top part of the patty-pan; cut it round with the paste cutter. Rub the pattypans with a little butter, and line them with the paste, and place in the middle a little bit of bread, which take out when they are baked. They may be filled with any preserved fruit, and a star or leaf of paste placed on the top. To make ornaments of paste, roll it quite thin, and as even as possible; cut it with tin stars, leaves, or any other form, and bake them a light brown color, upon flat tins dusted with flour.