Rice Cake (1)

Whisk ten eggs for half an hour, add to them half a pound of flour of rice, half a pound of pounded and sifted loaf sugar, and the grated peel of two lemons; mix this into half a pound of fresh butter, previously beaten to a cream. Bake the cake in a buttered tin.

Rice Cake (2)

Take six ounces of ground rice, six ounces of flour, three-quarters of a pound of fine sugar sifted, nine eggs, the yolks and whites beaten separately; mix all well together, grate in the rind of a lemon, and beat it well half an hour.

Little Rice Cakes

Whisk well six yolks and two whites of eggs; then with a horn spoon beat in six ounces of finely-pounded loaf sugar, add eight ounces of sifted ground rice, and two table-spoonfuls of orange-flower or rose water, or the grated peel of a lemon, and just before the mixture is to be put into the tins, stir into it six ounces of fresh butter melted; dust the patty pans with flour, or rub them with butter; let them be half filled, and bake the cakes in a quick oven.

Rice Cake. A Sweet Dish

Wash well and drain a quarter of a pound of rice. Boil with a quart of fresh cream the peel of one lemon, and when nearly cold take it out and put in the rice; place the sauce pan over a slow fire, and when the rice has swollen, add a little salt, and sweeten with pounded loaf sugar; when the rice is quite tender, add the yolks of eight eggs, and mix in gradually the beaten whites, with a good bit of fresh butter, and pour it into a mould; turn this round, that the butter may equally cover every part of it, then pour out the butter, and strew over the inside a layer of grated bread; with a paste brush or a slip of paper, sprinkle all over it some of the clarified butter, add more grated bread, pour in the rice, and bake it in a moderate oven for an hour. Turn it out upon a dish, and serve it with or without a garnishing of preserved raspberries, cherries, or currants.