Calf's Brains With Oysters

Blanch and clean the brains, then wipe them dry, dip them into yolks of eggs, and roll them in bread crumbs; fry them in boiling lard till of a good color, drain them very dry, and serve with oysters, stewed either white or brown. Garnish with broiled ham cut in small round pieces.

Calf's Brains

Cleanse two calves' brains, and stew them in stock with two or three spoonfuls of vinegar, a bunch of parsley, scallions, a clove of garlic, three cloves, thyme, laurel, and basil; when sufficiently stewed, cut each piece of the brain in two, dip them in a batter made of two handfuls of flour, diluted with a little oil, half a pint of white wine, and salt. Fry them in lard until the batter is crisp and the brains of a gold color.

Calf's Brains With Fried Parsley

Blanch three or four brains of nearly an equal size; parboil them, and take off the skin; then boil them in water, with a little salt, vinegar and butter. Serve them with a sauce made of a little browned butter, a table-spoonful of vinegar, some salt and pepper, and some parsley fried very green.