Sauce For Roast Beef (1)

Mix well together a large table-spoonful of finely-grated horseradish, a dessert-spoonful of made mustard, and half a one of brown sugar, then add vinegar till little as thick as made mustard. Serve in a sauce tureen.

Sauce For Roast Beef (2)

Put into a stone jar one gill of soy, two of vinegar, two of water, a good-sized stick of horseradish, and two sliced onions. Cover the jar closely, and set it into a pan of cold water; when it boils, let it simmer for two or three hours.

Robart Sauce For Beef Steaks Or Mutton Chops

Put into a saucepan a little gravy, two ounces of butter dredged with flour, a small slice of raw ham, and two or three minced onions; when the onions are browned, dust in a little more flour, and add nearly a pint of gravy, a little salt and pepper, a tea-spoonful of mustard, and a table-spoonful of vinegar. Boil it for some minutes, strain and serve it.