Piquant Sauce

Put a little chopped shallot and a few spoonfuls of gravy into a saucepan; let it boil till the gravy be nearly boiled away, but not burned to the bottom of the saucepan; add as much braise as may be required for the sauce, season with pepper and salt, boil it a few minutes, then add a little lemon-juice, sugar, and a tea-spoonful of garlic vinegar.

N. B.

Braise is an onion stuck with cloves, and boiled till tender in gravy and white wine.

Piquant Sauce For Cold Meat, Game, Poultry, Fish, Etc. Or Salads

Pound in a mortar the yolks of two eggs that have been boiled hard with a mustard-spoonful of made mustard, and a little pepper and salt; add two table-spoonfuls of salad oil; mix well, and then add three table spoonfuls of vinegar; rub it up well till it is quite smooth, and pass it through a tamis or sieve.


To the above, some add an anchovy, or a table-spoonful of mushroom ketchup, or walnut pickle, some finely-chopped parsley, grated horseradish, or young onions minced, or burnet, horseradish or tarragon, or elder vinegar, etc, and cayenne or minced pickles, capers, etc. This is a piquante relish for lobsters, crabs, cold fish, etc.

Salad Or Piquant Sauce For Cold Meat, Fish, Etc

Pound together an ounce of scraped horseradish, half an ounce of salt, a table-spoonful of made mustard, four drachms of minced eschalots, half a drachm of celery seed, and half ditto of cayenne, adding gradually a pint of bur-net, or tarragon vinegar, and let it stand in a jar a week, and then pass it through a sieve.

Poivrade Sauce For Cold Meat (1)

Chop finely six shallots and a handful of picked and washed parsley; mix with it a little vinegar, mustard, cayenne some cold gravy, and salt.

Poivrade Sauce For Cold Meat. (2)

Bruise the yolk of a hard-boiled egg with a little salt and mustard, oil, soy, chopped parsley, and chives, and pour it over slices of any cold meat.