Sorrel Sauce (1)

Pick and wash some sorrel, put it into a stewpan with a little water, stir it, to prevent its burning, and when it is tender, drain and mince it finely; fry it for half an hour in a stewpan with a little butter, then dredge in a table-spoonful of flour, moisten it with boiling cream, and let it stew on a slow fire for an hour; add a little salt, and if too acid, a little sugar. Before serving, thicken with the beaten yolks of four eggs.

Sorrel Sauce (2)

Pick and thoroughly wash two double handfuls of young sorrel, well drain it from water, and then put it into a stewpan, well covered with a bit of butter, and let it stew very gently o\cr a slow fire; when done, put it to drain on a sieve for three minutes, then, with a wooden spoon, rub it through a tammy into a dish; put it into a stewpan, with a bit of butter, stirring it over the fire till thoroughly mixed; you may add, if you choose, three spoonfuls of good consomme, and when it has boiled for a few minutes, add to it half as much cream sauce as there is sorrel, and if necessary season with a little salt; this is proper tor a fricandeau of veal or entrees of fish.