Fried Skate

After you have cleaned the fish, divide it into fillets; dry them on a clean cloth; beat the yolk and white of an egg thoroughly together, dip the fish in this, and then in fine bread-crumbs; fry it in hot lard or drippings till it is of a delicate brown color; lay it on a hair sieve to drain; garnish with crisp parsley, and some like caper sauce, with an anchovy in it.

How To Crimp Skate

Skin the skate on both sides, cut it an inch and a half broad, and as long as the skate, roll up each piece and tie it with a thread; lay them for three hours in salt and water, and a little vinegar; boil them fifteen minutes in boiling salt and water; before serving, cut off the threads. Sauces: - shrimp, butter and anchovy. When the skate are very small, they are preferable broiled.

Large, Dressed Like Veal Cutlets Skate

Crimp, or cut the skate in square pieces, roll them in beaten eggs, and then in grated bread mixed with chopped parsley, pepper, and salt; fry them of a nice brown color, and serve with a rich brown gravy.

Stewed Skate

Skin the skate, cut it into square pieces, and brown it with butter in a frying-pan; make a rich sauce with the skin and parings, to be boiled in three pints of water, with an onion, some pepper and salt; strain and thicken it with a little butter mixed with flour, add some very finely chopped paisley, and chives; of hot vinegar, mushroom ketchup, and Harvey sauce, a table-spoonful each, and a little cayenne; boil it up and put it in the skate five minutes before serving it.


Is very good when in good season, but no fish so bad when it is otherwise: those persons that like it firm and dry, should have it crimped; but those that like it tender, should have it plain, and eat it not earlier than the second day, and if cold weather, three or four days old it is better: it cannot be kept too long, if perfectly sweet. Young skate eats very fine crimped and fried.

How To Fry Skate Small

Clean, wash, and lay them one or two hours in vinegar, or vinegar and water, with a sliced onion, some chopped parsley, pepper, and salt; drain and dry them well, dip them into beaten eggs, dredge them with flour, and fry them of a fine brown color; garnish them with fried parsley. Sauces; - melted butter, and shrimp sauce.