Stock For Brown Or White Soups

Take a pound of scate, five flounders, and two pounds of eels; cut them in pieces, put them into a stewpan, with as much water as will cover them, a little mace, an onion stuck with cloves, a head of celery, two parsley roots sliced, some pepper and salt, and a bunch of sweet herbs; cover close; strain it off for use; if it is for brown soup, fry the fish brown in butter, and then put it to stew.

Stock For Gravy Soup Or Gravy

Cut a knuckle of veal into slices, slice also a pound of lean beef, and a pound of the lean of gammon of bacon; put these into a stewpan, with three scraped carrots, a couple of onions, a couple of turnips, two heads of celery, and two quarts of water. Let the meat stew till quite tender, but it must not be brown. When thus prepared it will serve either for soup, or brown or white gravy; if for brown gravy, it must be first colored in the usual manner.