Peruvian bark, bruised, one ounce and a half, orange-peel, do. one ounce, brandy, or proof spirit, one pint. Let these ingredients steep for ten days, shaking the bottle every day; let it remain quiet two days, and then decant the clear liquor. Dose - a tea-spoonful in a wine-glass of water, twice a day, when you feel languid, i. e. when the stomach is empty, about an hour before dinner, and in the evening. This agreeable aromatic tonic is an effective help to concoction; and we are under personal obligations to it, for frequently restoring our stomach to good temper, and procuring us good appetite and good digestion. In low nervous affections arising from a languid circulation, and when the stomach is in a state of debility from age, intemperance, or other causes, this is a most acceptable restorative.

N. B.

Tea made with dried and bruised orange-peel, in the same way as common tea, and drank with milk and sugar, has been taken by nervous and dyspeptic per- sons with great benefit. Sucking a bit of dried orange-peel about an hour before dinner, when the stomach is empty, is very grateful and strengthening to it.