Strawberry Cream

Put six ounces of strawberry jam to a pint of cream, pulp it through a sieve; add to it the juice! of a lemon, whisk it fast at the edge of a dish, lay the froth on a sieve, add a little more juice of lemon, and when no more froth will rise, put the cream into a dish, or into glasses; and place the froth upon it, well! drained.

Strawberries And Raspberries

From either of these fruits agreeable wine may be obtained, by following the; rules given for making currant wine; but it will be found a cheaper and a better meth-od, to add a little simp or juice of the fruit to any flavorless currant wine; when the fermentation begins to decline, currant wine may also be flavored with odoriferous flow- ers, such as cowslip, elder, or mignionetle. The quality of roughness is communicated by catechu and keno, chips of oak and of beech, and also the sloe; a small quantity of these, or of the flowers, is put into the cask when the first fermentation is over, and as soon as the wine has acquired the desired flavor, it is racked and fined. The flavoring articles, such as orris-root, cloves, ginger, sweet and bitter almonds, are put into a muslin bag, and hung in the cask for a few days, during the stage of insensible fermentation, that is, after the first fermentation has ceased; care being taken to taste the liquor frequently, so that the flavoring matter may be withdrawn as soon as it has produced the desired effect.

Strawberries, Pounded For Strawberry Cream

Take equal weight of sugar and of strawberries; pound and sift the sugar, add it to the strawberries, and pound them in a marble mortar till perfectly smooth. Put it into jars, and tie them over closely with paper. It will keep good for several months.

Strawberry Souffle

Take a basket of very fine strawberries, pick, and crush them, and then rub them through a sieve. Whisk the whites of eighteen eggs to a firm froth, to which add a pound and a half of powder sugar, stir them together as lightly as possible; then mix them with the strawberries. Pour the whole into a crous-tade, and bake it for an hour in a moderate oven; when done, glaze it, and serve.

Strawberry Tart

Pick, and put into a basin two quarts of the best scarlet strawberries, then add to them half a pint of cold thick clarified sugar, and half a pint of Madeira, with the juice of two or three lemons; mix these well together, without breaking the strawberries, and put them into a puff paste, previously baked; be careful to keep them very cool.