Stuffing Without Meat

Season a quarter of a pound of finely-minced beef suet, and an equal quantity of grated bread, with grated nutmeg, lemon-peel, lemon thyme, and parsley, salt, and pepper; mix it well together, and bind it with a well-beaten yolk of an egg, when it may be used for stuffing veal and fowl.

Stuffing For Turkey Or Fowl

Wash a quart of oysters in their own liquor, strain it, and put into it the oysters, with a little mace, whole pepper, and lemon-peel; when parboiled, chop small a dozen and a half, add an equal weight of grated bread, twice the quantity of finely-minced beef suet, the yolks of three hard-boiled eggs, one anchovy, a little salt, pepper, nutmeg, lemon-peel, and some minced parsley; bind it with the beaten yolks of two eggs. For the sauce, boil with the liquor of the oysters, a pint of white stock, half a pint of white wine, one anchovy, pepper, salt, and nutmeg; strain it, and add a quarter of a pound of butter rolled in flour, beat it up with the remainder of the oysters.

Stuffing For A Hare

Parboil the liver, and mince it; add an equal quantity of grated bread, double the quantity of fat bacon chopped, a bit of butter the size of a walnut. Season with pepper, salt, nutmeg, chopped lemon thyme, and parsley bind with an egg beaten.

Stuffing For Veal, Roast

Turkey, Fowl, etc. Mince a quarter of a pound of beef suet (beef marrow is letter), the same weight of bread crumbs, two drachms of parsley leaves, a drachm and a half of sweet marjoram or lemon thyme, and the same of grated lemon-pee) and onion chopped as fine as possible, a little pepper and salt; pound thoroughly together with the yolk and white of two eggs, and secure it in the veal with a skewer, or sew it in with a bit of thread. Make some of it into balls or sausages; Hour them, and boil, or fry them, and send them up as a garnish, or in a side dish, with roast poultry, veal, or cut-lets, etc.

N. B.

This is about the quantity for a turkey poult: a very large turkey will take nearly twice as much. To the above may be added an ounce of dressed ham; or use equal parts of the above stuffing and pork sausage meat pounded well together.


Good stuffing has always been con-sidered a chief thing in cookery: it has given immortality to

"PoorRoger Fowler,who 'd a generous mind, Nor would submit to have his hand confin'd, But aimed. at all, - yet never could excel In any thing but stuffeng of his veal"

Stuffing For Hare

Two ounces of beef suet chopped fine; three ounces of fine bread crumbs; parsley, a drachm; eschalot, half a drachm; a drachm of marjoram, lemon thyme, or winter savory; a drachm of grated lemon-peel, and the same of pepper and salt: mix these with the white and yolk of an egg; do not make it thin - it must be of cohesive consistence: if your stuffing is not stiff enough, it will be good for nothing: put it in the hate, and sew it up. If the liver is quite sound, you may parboil it, and mince it very fine, and add it to the above.