Baked Sturgeon

Clean, and take the skin from a small sturgeon; split it along the belly, without separating it. Lay it in a large baking dish, season it with salt, pepper, pounded sweet herbs; moisten with oil, lemon-juice, and a bottle of white wine. Put it in the oven, baste it frequently; make it a nice color, and serve it with its own gravy.

How To Broil Sturgeon Fresh

Cut it into cutlets; rub them with the yolk of an egg beat up; strew them over with some parsley, minced very fine, and mixed with grated bread crumbs, pepper, and salt; put them into pieces of white paper buttered, and broil them gently. Sauces; - oyster, melted butter, and anchovy.

Fresh Sturgeon

The best mode of dressing this, is to have it cut in thin slices like veal cutlets, and broiled, and rubbed over with a bit of butter and a little pepper, and served very hot, and eaten with a squeeze of lemon-juice. Great care, bow-ever, must be taken to cut off the skin before it is broiled, as the oil in the skin, if burned, imparts a disgusting flavor to the fish. The flesh is very fine, and comes nearer to veal, perhaps, than even turtle. Sturgeon is frequently plentiful and reasonable in the London shops. We prefer this mode of dressing it to the more savory one of stewing it in rich gravy, like carp, &e. which overpowers the peculiar flavor of the fish.

Roasted Sturgeon

Take a large piece of sturgeon, or a whole small one, clean and skin it properly; lard it with cel and anchovies, and marinade it in a white wine marinade. Fasten it to the spit, and roast it, basting frequently with the marinade strained. Let the fish be a nice color, and serve with a pepper sauce.