Stewed Onions (1)

Take a dozen of good-sized onions, peel and put them on in the following sauce: - A pint of veal stock, a bit of butler rolled in flour, a little pepper, and salt. Stew them gently for an hour, and, just before serving, mix in three table-spoonfuls of cream. To stew them in a brown sauce, take the same quantity of good gravy. In a stewpan brown, of a light color, a little butter and flour, add the gravy and onions, with a little pepper and salt, and stew them gently one hour.

Stewed Onions (2)

Peel five or six large onions, put them into a Dutch oven or cheese-toaster to roast, turn them frequently, and when they are well browned, put them into a saucepan, with a bone of dressed or undressed meat, a slice of bacon, a little water, and some pepper. Cover the pan closely, and stew them till tender. Take out the bone and the bacon; thicken the sauce with a bit of butter rolled in flour.

Onions Stewed

The large Por-tugal onions are the best: take off the top-coats of half a dozen of these (taking care not to cut off the tops or tails too near, or the onions will go to pieces), and put them into a stewpan broad enough to hold them without laying them atop of one another, and just cover them with good broth. Put them over a slow fire, and let them simmer about two hours; when you dish them, turn them upside down, and pour the sauce over.