The small round silver button onions, about as big as a nutmeg, make a very nice pickle. Take off their top coats, have ready a stewpan, three parts filled with boiling water, into which put as many onions as will cover the top: as soon as they look clear, immediately take them up with a spoon full of holes, and lay them on a cloth three times folded, and cover them with another till you have ready as many as you wish: when they are quite dry, put them into jars, and cover them with hot pickle, made by infusing an ounce of horseradish, same of allspice, and same of black pepper, and same of salt, in a quart of best white-wine vinegar, in a stone jar, on a trivet by the side of the fire for three days, keeping it well closed; when cold, bung them down tight, and cover them with bladder wetted with the pickle and leather.

Onions To Pickle

Peel the onions till they look white; boil some strong salt and water, and pour it over them; let them stand in this twenty-four hours, keep the vessel closely covered to retain the steam: after that time wipe the onions quite dry, and when they are cold, pour boiling vinegar, with ginger and white pepper over them. Take care the vinegar always covers the onions.

Onion Sauce, Young

Peel a pint of button onions, and put them in water till you want to put them on to boil; put them into a stewpan, with a quart of cold water; let them boil till tender; they will take (according to their size and age) from half an hour to an hour.

Onion Sauce

Those who like the full flavor of onions only cut off the strings and tops (without peeling off any of the skins), put them into salt and water, and let them lie an hour; then wash them, put them into a kettle with plenty of water, and boil them till they are tender: now skin them, pass them through a colander, and mix a little melted butter with them. N. B. Some mix the pulp of apples, or turnips, with the onions, others add mustard to them.

How To Prepare For Seasoning Onions

Peel and mince three or four onions, put them into a saucepan with a little cold water. Let them boil till quite tender, and then pulp them with the liquor through a hair sieve, when it may be mixed with any made dishes or sauces.

How To Pickle Onions Young

Choose some of the small silver onions, put them on in cold water, and when it is scalding hot, take them out with an egg slice; peel off the skins till they look white and clear; lay them into the folds of a cloth. Boil, in a quart of vinegar, half an ounce of pepper, a quarter of an ounce of allspice, the same of garlic, and one sliced nutmeg; put the onions into a jar, and pour over them the boiling vinegar and spices. When cold, tie leather over the jar.

Onions, Plain Boiled

Peel them, and let them lie an hour in cold water, put them on in boiling milk and water; boil them till tender, and serve them with melted butter poured over them.

Onions, Roast

Roast them with the skins on in a Dutch oven, that they may brown equally. They are eaten with cold fresh butter, pepper, and salt.