Omelet (1)

Five or six eggs will make a good-sized omelet: break them into a basin, and beat them well with a fork; and add a salt-spoonful of salt; have ready chopped two drachms of onion, or three drachms of parsley, a good clove of eschalot minced very fine; beat it well up with the eggs; then take four ounces of fresh butter, and break half of it into large bits, and put it into the omelet, and the other half into a very clean frying-pan; when it is melted, pour in the omelet, and stir it with a spoon till it begins to set, then turn it up all round the edges, and when it is of a nice brown it is done: the safest way to take it out is to put a plate on the omelet, and turn the pan upside-down: serve it on a hot dish; it should never be done till just wanted. If rnaigre, grated cheese, shrimps, or oysters. If oysters, boil them four minutes, and take away the beard and gristly part; they may either be put in whole, or cut in bits.

Omelet (2)

Beard and parboil twelve or sixteen oysters, seasoning them with a few peppercorns, strain and chop them; beat well six eggs; parboil and rnince a little parsley; mix all together, and season with a little nutmeg, salt, and a table-spoonful of mushroom ketchup; fry it lightly in three ounces of butter, and hold it for a minute or two before the fire.

Omelet (3)

Beat well and strain six eggs; add them to three ounces of butter made hot; mix in some grated ham, pepper, salt, and nutmeg, some chopped chives and parsley. Fry it of a light brown color.

Omelet (4)

Take as many eggs as you think proper (according to the size of your omelet) break them into a basin with some salt and chopped parsley; then beat them well, and season them according to taste, then have ready some onion chopped small; put some butter into a frying-pan, and when it is hot (but not to burn) put in your chopped onion, giving them two or three turns; then add your eggs to it, and fry the whole of a nice brown, you must only fry one side. When done, turn it into a dish, the fried side uppermost, and serve.

Omelet Fritters

Make two or three thin omelets, adding a little sweet basil to the usual ingredients; cut them into small pieces and roll them into the form of olives; when cold, dip them into batter, or enclose them in puff paste; fry, and serve them with fried parsley.

Omelet With Kidney Of Veal

To eight well-beaten eggs, add a little salt, and part of a cold roasted kidney of veal, finely minced; season with pepper, and a little more salt; melt in a frying-pan one ounce and a half of butter, and pour in the omelet; fry it gently, and keep the middle part moist; when done, roll it equally upon a knife, and serve it very hot.

Omelet Au Naturel

Break eight or ten eggs into a pan, add pepper, salt, and a spoonful of cold water, beat them up with a whisk; in the meantime put some fresh butter into a frying-pan, when it is quite melted and nearly boiling, put in the eggs, etc. with a skimmer; as it is frying, take up the edges, that they may be properly done; when cooked, double it; serve very hot.