Compote Of Strawberry

This is made in the same manner as Raspberries, only that the strawberries do not require being mixed with any other fruit.

Strawberry Conserve

Take some very ripe fresh strawberries, pick, and crush them through a tammy. For every dessert spoonful of juice, allow six ounces of sugar; boil this to fort perle take it off the fire, and pour in the juice; stir them together with a silver spoon, until the conserve begins to whiten and dry, then put it into moulds or paper cases. If the conserve be too white, add a little carmine to the sirup.

Strawberry Marchpane

Take two pounds of sweet almonds, two pounds and a half of sugar, and a pound of picked strawberries. Beat the almonds to a fine paste, and mix them with the sugar (boiled to petit boule;) crush, and strain the juice of the fruit, which add to the almond paste and sirup; stir the mixture well, set it on hot ashes, and continue stirring until the paste is sufficiently done; this may be proved by laying a piece on the back of your hand; if it may be removed without its sticking, it is enough; when cold, spread it over a slab, and cut it of any size and shape you think proper.