These are done in the same manner as sugared almonds. The seeds most generally used for this purpose are anise, cummin, and fennel.

The best method of proceeding is as follows: place a small preserving-pan over a charcoal fire, on the side of which have a chafing dish, on which keep a pan with a quantity of sugar boiled to lisse; (this sugar should be kept quite hot, but not boiling); on the other side have some fine powder. When so far prepared, put your seeds into the pan, and as soon as they begin to heat, pour over them a large spoonful or two of the sirup; stir them about, that all may be thoroughly saturated with it; then sprinkle over it a handful or two of powder, still shaking the pan to make the seeds equally white. When dry, pour on some more sirup, then the powder, and continue this alternately until your seeds are sufficiently large; then lay them on a sieve, keep them in a warm place for some days after which put them into glass bottles.