This fish is held in great estimation, it is a fresh water fish, and when good, of a flesh color, and the spots upon it are very bright; the female is considered the best, and is known by the head being smaller, and the body being deeper than that of the male.

Potted Trout

Mix together the following quantity of finely-powdered spices: - One ounce of cloves, half an ounce of Jamaica pepper, quarter of an ounce of black pepper, quarter of an ounce of cayenne, two nutmegs, a little mace, and two tea-spoonfuls of ginger; add the weight of the spices, and half as much again of salt, and mix all thoroughly. Clean the fish, and cut off the beads, fins, and tails; put a tea-spoonful of the mixed spices into each fish, and lay them into a deep earthen jar, with the backs downwards; cover them with clarified butter, tie a paper over the mouth of the jar, and bake them slowly for eight hours. When the back bone is tender, the fish are done enough. Take them out of the jar, and put them into a milkpan with the backs upwards; cover them with a board, and place upon it a heavy weight. When perfectly cold, remove the fish info fresh jars, smooth them with a knife, and cover them with clarified butter.

How To Collar Trout

Wash them clean, split them down the back bone, and dry them well in a cloth; season them well with finely-pounded black pepper, salt, and mace; roll them tight, and lay them close into a dish; pour over an equal quantity of vinegar and beer, with two or three bay-leaves, and some whole black pepper; tie over the dish a sheet of buttered paper, and bake them an hour.

How To Broil Trout

Cut off the fins, and cut the fish down the back, close to the bone, and split the head in two. Another way is, after they have been cut open, to rub a little sail over them; let them lie three or four hours, and then hang them up in the kitchen. They will be ready to broil the next morning for breakfast.

How To Boil Trout

Clean and gut then); make the water as salt as for boiling salmon in, and when it boils put in the trout, and let them boil fast from fifteen to twenty minutes, according to their size Sauce; - melted butter.

How To Fry Trout

Cut off the fins, clean and gut them; dust them with flour, and dip them into the yolk of an egg beaten; strew grated bread crumbs over, and fry them in fresh dripping; lay them upon the back of a sieve before the fire to drain. Sauce; - melted butter, with a table-spoonful of ketchup, and one of lemon pickle in it. When they are small, roll them in oatmeal before they are fried.