Boiled Turkey

Make a stuffing of bread, herbs, salt, pepper, nutmeg, lemon-peel, a few oysters, or an anchovy, a bit of butter, some suet, and an egg; put this into the crop, fasten up the skin, and boil the turkey in a floured cloth to make it very white. Have ready some oyster sauce made rich with butter, a little cream, and a spoonful of soy, and serve over the turkey, or you may serve over it a liver and lemon sauce.

Turkey En Daube

Take an old turkey, truss it in the usual way; roll some large lardons in a mixture of salt, pepper, four spices, and sweet herbs, and then lard the turkey with them; lay slices of bacon in a braising-pan, put the turkey on them, with two small knuckles of veal, the feet of the bird, four carrots, six onions, three cloves, two bay-leaves, thyme, a bunch of parsley, and young onions; cover the whole with bacon and a piece of buttered paper; dilute it with four ladlefuls of stock (or more if the turkey be very large), put in a little salt, and set the pan on the fire to boil slowly for three hours and a half; then take it off, but do not take the bird out for at least half an hour. Strain off the liquor, and then reduce it to a fourth, or more if very thin; break an egg into another saucepan, beat it up well, and then pour the liquor on it, whisk them well together, and if it wants flavor, add a few sweet herbs, parsley leaves, and a young onion or two; put it on the fire, stirring it violently until ready to boil; as soon as it has boiled up once or twice; set it by the side of a stove, put fire on the top of the saucepan, and let it simmer half an hour; then strain it carefully through a fine cloth, and let it cool to serve it with the turkey.

Roasted Turkey

It may be either stuffed with sausage meat, or stuffing the same as for fillet of veal. As this makes a large addition to the size of the bird, take care that the heat of the fire is constantly to that part, as it frequently happens that the breast is not sufficiently done. A strip of paper should be put on the bone to prevent its scorching, while the other parts are roasting. Baste well, and froth it up. Serve with gravy in the dish, and bread sauce in a sauce tureen. A few bread crumbs, and a beaten egg should be added to the stuffing of sausage meat.

Stuffed With Sausages And Chestnuts Turkey

Roast what quantity of chestnuts you think necessary, pee! them, and pound a part of them to make a farce, with the liver, chopped paisley, shallots, a little s;dt and pepper, a bit of butter, and the yolks of three raw eggs, put this farce into the crop, and stuff the body with the whole chestnuts, and small sausages, first fried in butter till about half done; cover the turkey with slices of bacon, and put paper over that, then roast it, and serve with a chestnut cullis.