Take the cintings and remains of any joints of veal and fowl you may bare in the house, of which take four pounds, and put into a large stewpan, with some carrots, onions, parsley, scallions, three bay-leaves, three cloves, and a ladle-nil of stock: put your stewpan on a fierce fire, skim it well, and take care that the meat does not stick; when sufficiently reduced, add as much stock as will nearly fill the stewpan. salt it well; give it a boil, skim it. and then put it on the side of the fire to simmer for two hours: after which strain it through a tammy. Make a white roux stir into it for ten minutes a few champignons, then pour on it, a little at a time, the above liquor; let it boil up once, skim it, and set it again by the side of the fire for an hour and a half: take off all the fat, strain it again, and then out it by for use. Take care that the veloute is not in the least colored, as, the whiter it is the better.