The choice of venison should be regulated by the appearance the tat, which, when the venison is looks thick, clear, and close; as it begins to change first towards the haunches, run a knife into that pan: if tainted you will perceive a rank smell, and it will have a green or blackish appearance.

If you wish to preserve it, you may by careful management and watching, keep it night by the following method: wash it well with milk and water very clean, and dry it perfectly with cloths until there is not the least damp remaining, then dust pounded ginger over every part: this is a good preventive against When to be dressed, wash it with a little lukewarm water, and dry it. Pepper should also be added to keep it.

Venison Collops

These are dressed in the same manner as mince col-lops of beef, only that, in place of the sea-ing of the collops of beef, they have a little pepper, salt, and some Port wine.