Hashed Venison (1)

If you have enough of its won gravy left, it is preferable to any to warm it up in: if not, take some of the mutton gravy, or the bones and trimmings of the joint (after you have cut off all the handsome slices you can to make the hash); put these into some water, and stew them gently for an hour; then put some butter into a stewpan; wlien melted, put to it as much flour as will dry up the butter, and stir it well together; add to it by degrees the gravy you have been making of the trimmings, and some red currant jelly; give it a boil up; skin. strain it through a sieve, and it is ready to receive the venison: put it in, mid let it just get warm: if you let it boil, it will make the meat bard.

Hashed Venison (2)

Warm it in its own gravy: if there is no fat left, take some slices of mutton fat. set it on the fire with a little Port wine and sugar, and let it simmer till dry: then add it to the hash.

Venison,Hashed (3)

Take some anchovies, boil them till they are dissolved, then add some oysters with their liquor little milk, some red wine, and a little ketch-up; put in your venison, let it warm in this, but do not let it boil, and serve it with fried sippets, and the sauce etc. over it.

Venison, Mock

Hang up. for sever days a large far loin of mutton: then bone it, and take off ail the kidney fat. and the skin from the upper fat: mix tog two ounces of brown sugar, and one ounce of ground black pepper. Rub it well into the mutton: poor over it two or three glasses of Port wine: keep it covered with the skin; rub and turn it daily for five days. When to be roasted cover it with the skin, and paper it the same way as venison is done. Serve it with made gravy, and the same sauces as for venison.