Cut some veal cutlets; fry them a good brown, but not too much; take some good gravy, thicken it with a little flour, boil it a few minutes; add Cayenne, catchup, truffles, morels, salt, mushrooms pickled, grated lemon-peel; simmer this up, just heat the collops through, add what gravy came from them, but do not let them boil, or they will be hard; add forcemeat balls, hard yolk of eggs; lay round little slices of bacon, notched and toasted, and sliced lemon.

Collops, Minced

Cut two pounds of lean tender beef into thin slices - it is best taken from off the rump, or round; mince it very finely; brown two ounces of butter in a frying-pan, dredging it with a little flour, then add the minced meat, and keep beating it with a beater till of a nice brown color. Have ready some highly-seasoned beef gravy, which, with the minced collops, put into a saucepan, and let it stew half an hour; and just before serving, put a table-spoonful of mushroom catchup, and, if liked, some green pickles. Beef suet is as often used as butter to fry the collops in.

Collops, Russian

Break four eggs into a stevvpan, and mix with them two spoonfuls of flour, then half a glass of good cream, a spoonful of warm butter, and a grain of salt; when these are well mixed together, pour some of it into a large frying-pan, and fry it of a light color on both sides; then take it out, and fry more in the same way, like pancakes, until you have a dozen very thin, cut each in half, and trim them 'into oblong pieces all the same size: lay on each some quenelle, minced fowl or game, as if for croquettes; wrap the fried batter round it, wetting the edges, that they may adhere properly, with a little of the batter, having reserved some for the purpose; then have ready beaten, six eggs and a little salt, mask them with bread-crumbs, fry them of a good color, and serve them quickly.

Collops, Scotch

Cut veal cutlets (taken from the fillet) into small thin pieces, and fry them in a little boiling lard till of a light brown color. Drain them dry, put them into a stewpan, add cullis, stewed mushrooms, some blanched truffles, morels, pieces of artichoke bottoms, some slices of throat sweetbreads, and egg balls. Let them simmer over a slow fire till tender, season to the palate, and serve them with rashers of broiled bacon round them.