Croquettes Of Destrees

Use the best puff paste; roll it pretty thin, and cut it into different shapes, as fancy leads; bake it, and dress each piece upon a dish, in a handsome manner; rub them with a little caramel, to make them stick as you place them; then put some currant jelly all over the top, and make what flower or design you please, with nonpareils of different colors, round it.

Croquettes Of Paris

Take a stick of vanilla, pound it with two ounces of sugar, and sift both through a silk sieve; mix it with seven ounces of sugar, well dried and pounded, and half a pound of fine sifted flour; then stir in the whites of four eggs, whipped firm, and work the whole together for some minutes.

Heal two large baking-plates of copper, rub them over lightly with virgin wax; when they are cold, take a spoonful of the preparation, and lay it on the plate the same as the spoon-biscuits, taking care to lay them three-quarters of an inch apart; when both plates are full, place them on stools, in the oven or stove; close the top, and lay embers over it, so that the croquettes may be as far removed from the fire as possible; let them remain in this state all night; the next morning put them into a moderate oven, and bake them fifteen or twenty minutes; they should then quit the plate easily, and be of a clear reddish color; remove them from the plates whilst hot. The croquettes may be flavored according to your fancy.


Pound, in a marble mortar, cold veal and fowl, with a little suet, some chopped lemon-peel, lemon thyme, chives, and parsley. Season with nutmeg, pepper, and salt; mix all well together, and add the yolk of an egg well-beaten; roll it into balls, and dip them into an egg beaten up, then sift bread crumbs over them, and fry them in butter.

Croquettes Of Boiled Meat

Mince some boiled meat very small; add to it some sausage-meat, mashed potatoes, crumbs of bread, soaked in milk, and sweet herbs; make them into a paste, and form it. into little balls; roll them in very fine raspings, and fry them of a nice color. Serve them with sauce piquante.

Croquettes Of Sweetbreads

Mince some cold sweetbreads, which have been dressed, and boil them in a sauce ve-loute; when quite cold, form them into balls, or into rolls, about two inches long; fry and serve them with fried parsley in the middle. Or, make the croquet meat into a rissole. Roll out a piece of thin puff paste, enclose the meat in it, brush it over with a beaten egg, and strew over it grated bread; fry it of a light brown color.