Coriander Dragees

Take any quantity of coriander seeds, put them in the tossing-pan over the fire, and let them warm; when they are warm throw in about half a glass of vinegar, stir them well till they are dry; have clarified sugar, which boil in another pan; then when the corianders are dry, add a little gum to them, and do the same again till they are dry, and continue so doing till you see the corianders are covered to the size you want to have them; when that is done, take the corianders out from the pan, wash them well, and put them in again, and stir them well till they are all warm; then take your clarified sugar, which you have previously boiled to the first degree; when this is done, put it in an instrument of copper, made on purpose for the operation, and at the bottom of which there is a little hole; hang it up by a packthread string, that the sugar may fall from about a yard height into the pan where the corianders are; while the sugar falls into your pan keep stirring well your dragees till you see they are well pearled over, or rough and grainy; when they are sufficiently so, take them out, and place them in the stove to finish drying.

Coriander Sugared

These seeds are sugared in the same manner as sugared almonds.