Rissoles (1)

Cut puff paste with a round tin cutter, about three inches wide; have ready some cold fowl or veal, very finely minced, and seasoned with a little pounded garlic, grated lemon-peel, pepper, salt, and mace, the juice of half a lemon, and moistened with a little good gravy. Put some of the mince upon a bit of the paste, wet the edges, and lay over it another bit; press it gently round the rim; brush them all over with a well-beaten egg, and strew over them sifted bread crumbs'; fry them a light brown in boiling clarified beef dripping, and lay them upon the back of a sieve before the file to drain. Serve them in a napkin. The paste may be cat of the size of a large breakfast plate, then the mince put into the middle of it, the edges wet all round, and gathered up into the form of a pear, brushed over with egg, and strewed over with bread crumbs. Served in a dish garnished with fried parsley.

Rissoles (2)

Mince very finely some cold roasted veal, and a small bit of bacon; season it with grated nutmeg and salt; moisten it with cream, and make it up into good-sized balls; dip them into the volks of eggs beaten up, and then into finelv-grat-ed bread. Bake them in an oven, or fry them of a light brown color in fresh dripping. Before serving, drain them before the fire on the back of a sieve. Garnish with fried parsley.