Rice Soup (1)

Carefully blanch some well picked rice, then drain it on a sieve; put about a tea-cupful in the soup-pot, with one head of celery, and a quart of consomme, and let it simmer by the side of the stove for three hours. If it thickens too much add more consomme, season with a little salt; take out the celery, and send the soup to table.

Rice Soup (2)

Wash your rice well in warm water, changing it frequently; then put the rice into a saucepan, with some good stock; set it on the fire, and leave it to swell for half an hour, but do not let it boil; when the rice has imbibed all the stock, add a sufficient quantity to cover the rice, cover, and boil it slowly for two hours; in the meantime broil two or three slices of beef, and pep|ier and salt them well; when of a nice dark color, throw them into the rice soup, to which they will impart a rich flavor and a fine color.