Artichokes And Almonds

Take half a pound of sweet almonds blanched and beat fine, with two tea spoonfuls of orange-tlower or rose water; then take a quart of cream, and boil it with a small quantity of cinnamon and mace; sweeten it with fine sugar, and mix it with the almonds; stir them together, and strain it through a sieve. Let the cream cool, and thicken it with the yolks of six eggs; then garnish a deep dish, and lay paste at the bottom; then put in shred artichoke bottoms, being first boiled; and upon these a little melted butter, shred citron, and candied orange; repeating the same until the dish is nearly full, then pour in the cream, and bake it without a lid. When it is baked, grate sugar over it, and serve it hot. Half an hour will serve to bake it.

Artichokes Boiled

Soak them in cold water, wash them well, then put them into plenty of boiling water, with a handful of salt, and let them boil gently till they are tender, which will take an hour and a half, or two hours: the surest way to know when they are done enough, is to draw out a leaf; trim them and drain them on a sieve; and send up melted butter with them, which some put into small cups, so that each guest may have one.

How To Boil Artichokes

Cut off the stalks close to the bottom, wash them well, and let them lie for some hours in cold water; put them on in boiling water with a little salt in it, cover the pan closely, and boil them an hour and a half. If they are old, and have not been fresh gathered, they will take a longer time to boil. Melted butter is served with them in a sauce-tureen.

Artichoke Bottoms To Dry And Pickle

Half boil the artichokes, strip off the leaves, and pull out the choke; put the bottoms into small jars, and cover them with a cold boiled brine of salt and water; put melted mutton suet on the top to exclude the air, and tie bladder over them. To dry them, they are boiled as for eating, the leaves and choke pulled out, and the bot-toms dried upon dishes in an oven, and then kept in paper bags. When to be dressed, they must be laid into warm water, and soaked for two or three hours; they may then be plain boiled, and eaten with melted butter, or stewed in gravy with a little mushroom catsup, pepper, and salt, and thickened with a bit of butter roiled in flour. They are a great improvement to all made dishes and meat pies.

Artichoke Bottoms, Pickled

Boil the artichokes till the leaves can be pulled oft" without breaking the bottoms; leave on the part called the choke, set them aside till cold, then put them into wide-mouthed bottles. Boil, in vinegar, some salt, pepper, mace, and sliced nutmeg, and, when cold, pour it over the artichokes; tie bladder over the bottles.