Beef Kidney Pie

Cut some kidneys into thin slices, and place them in the bottom of your pie-dish, then sweet herbs chopped, such as parsley, thyme, shallots, mushrooms, pepper, and salt; continue this till the dish is full, then cover the whole with slices of bacon, then finish your pie; bake it in the oven; when done, take out the bacon, and skim off the fat; make a sauce with a glass of white wine, a tolerable quantity of cullis, and reduce it to the consistence of a good sauce, then squeeze an orange in it. Serve your pie hot.

Beef-Steak Pie

Cut the steaks off a rump, or any nice piece of beef, fat and lean together, about half an inch thick; beat them a little with a rolling-pin, put over them some pepper, salt, and parboiled onion minced; roll them up, and pack them neatly into the dish, or lay the beef in slices; add some spoonfuls of gravy, and a tea-spoonful of vinegar. Cover the pie with a puff paste, and bake it for an hour. It is a common but mistaken opinion, that it is necessary to put stock or water into meat pies. Beef, mutton, veal, and pork, if not previously dressed, will be found to yield a sufficiency of gravy, and the pie will be better without any additional liquid. N. B. - Large oysters, parboiled, bearded, and laid alternately ,with the steaks, their liquor reduced and substituted instead of the ketchup and wine, will be a variety.

Cold Beef, Veal, Or Mutton Pie

Pound in a mortar some boiled potatoes; boil a cupful of milk, and while hot, mix it with the potatoes, and beat them till they become like a light paste; roll it out, cut it with a flat dish, the size of a pie dish, so as it may be laid from off it upon the pie; cut the meat into slices, season it with pepper and salt, put half a pint of gravy, wet the edges of the dish, and put over it the paste, and bake it till the paste be sufficiently done.

Devizes Pie

Cut into very thin slices, after being dressed, cold calf's head, with some of the brains, pickled tongue, sweetbreads, lamb, veal, a few slices of bacon, and hard-boiled eggs; put them in layers into a pie-dish, with plenty of seasoning between each, of cayenne, white pepper, allspice, and salt; fill up the dish with rich gravy; cover it with a flour and water paste; bake it in a slow oven, and when perfectly cold, take off the crust, and turn the pie out upon a dish; garnish it with parsley and pickled eggs cut into slices.

Duck Pie

Scald a couple of ducks, and make them very clean; cut off the feet, pinions, necks, and heads. Take out the gizzards, livers, and hearts; pick all clean, and scald them. Pick out the fat of the inside, lay a good puff-paste crust ail over the dish, season the ducks both inside and out, with pepper and salt, and lay them in the dish, with the giblets at each end, properly seasoned. Put in as much water as will nearly fill the pie, lay on the crust, and let it be well baked.

Giblet Pie

Stew the giblets in a little water, with an onion stuck with two or three cloves, a bunch of sweet herbs, some salt, and whole pepper; cut a fowl into joints, skin and wash it, season it with pepper, salt, and half an onion finely minced. Take out the onion, herbs, and whole pepper; put the fowl, giblets, and gravy into a dish, add a glass of white wine, and two table-spoonfuls of mushroom ketchup; cover the dish with puff paste, and bake it for an hour.