Goose Pie

Prepare a very strong raised crust, and make the sides thick and stiff. Take the bones out of a goose, turkey, and fowl, cutting each down the back; season them highly with pepper, salt, mace, cloves, and nutmeg, all finely pounded and well mixed. Lay the goose upon a dish, with the breast skin next the dish; lay in the turkey, put some slices of boiled ham and tongue, and then the fowl; cover it with little bits of ham or bacon. Put it all into the pie, made of an oval form, and the sides to stand an inch and a half above the meat; put on the top, and make a hole in the centre of it. Brush the outside of the pie all over with the beaten whites of eggs, and bind it round with three folds of buttered paper; paste the top over in the same way, and when it comes out of the oven, take off the paper, and pour in at the top, through a funnel, a pound and a half of melted butter.

Mutton Or Veal Pie

Cut into chops, and trim neatly, and cut away the greatest part of the fat of a loin, or best end of a neck of mutton (the former the best), season them, and lay them in a pie-dish, with a little water and half a gill of mushroom ketchup (chopped onion and potatoes, if approved); cover it with paste, bake it two hours; when done, lift up the crust from the dish with a knife, pour out all the gravy, let it stand, and skim it clean; add, if wanted, some more seasoning; make it boil, and pour it into the pie. Veal pie may be made of the brisket part of the breast; but must be parboiled first.

Pigeon Or Lark Pie

Truss half a dozen fine large pigeons as for stewing, season them with pepper and salt; lay at the bottom of the dish a rump-steak of about a pound weight, cut into pieces and trimmed neatly, seasoned, and beat out with a chopper: on it lay the pigeons, the yolks of three eggs boiled hard, and a gill of broth or water, and over these a layer of steaks; wet the edge of the dish, and cover it over with puff paste, or the paste as directed for seasoned pies; wash it over with yolk of egg, and ornament it with leaves of paste and the feet of the pigeons; bake it an hour and a half in a moderate-heated oven: before it is sent to table make an aperture in the top, and pour in some good gravy quite hot.

Raised Pork Pie

Make a raised crust, of a good size, about four inches high; take the rind and chine bone horn a loin of pork, cut it into chops, beat them with a chopper, season them with pepper and salt, and fill your pie; put on the top and close it, and pinch it round the edge; rub it over with yolk of egg, and bake it two hours with a paper over it, to prevent the crust from burning. When done, pour in some good gravy, with a little ready-mixed mustard (if approved). N. B. - As the above is generally eaten cold, it is an excellent repast for a journey, and will keep for several days.

Raised, Mutton Or Pork Pies

Put two pounds and a half of flour on the paste-board; and put on the lire, in a saucepan, three-quarters of a pint of water, and half a pound of good lard; when the water boils, make a hole in the middle of the flour, pour in the water and lard by degrees, gently mixing the flour with it with a spoon; and when it is well mixed, then knead it with your hands till it becomes stiff: dredge a little flour to prevent its sticking to the board, or you cannot make it look smooth: do not roll it with the rolling-pin, but roll it with your hands, about the thickness of a quart pot; cut it into six pieces, leaving a little for the covers; put one hand in the middle, and keep the other close on the outside till you have worked it either in an oval or a round shape: have your meat ready cut, and seasoned with pepper and salt: if pork, cut in small slices; the griskin is the best for pasties: if you use mutton, cut it in very neat cutlets, and put them in the pies as you make them; roll out the covers with the rolling-pin just the size of the pie, wet it round the edge, put it on the pie, and press it together with your thumb and finger, and then cut it all round with a pair of scissors quite even, and pinch them inside and out, and bake them an hour and a half.