Veal Pie (1)

Cut a neck of veal into neat steaks, season them well with white pepper, salt, mace, and grated nutmeg mixed; pack them closely into a dish, and put in half a pint of white stock; five hard-boiled yolks of eggs may be added; put puff paste on the edge of the dish, and cover with the same. Lambs' tails may be made into a pie, with lamb chops seasoned in the same manner as the above.

Veal Pie (2)

Cut into steaks a loin or breast of veal, season them highly with pepper, salt, grated nutmeg, mace, and a little lemon-peel mixed; lay them into the bottom of a dish, and then a few slices of sweetbreads seasoned with the spices; add some oysters, forcemeat balls, and hard-boiled yolks of eggs, half a pint of white stock, a glass of white wine, and a table-epoonful of lemon pickle; put puff paste on the edge of the dish, and cover with the same; bake it for one hour.

Veal Pie (3)

Chop, but not very small, the meat of a cold loin of veal, season it with minced parsley, pepper, salt, grated lemon-peel, and nutmeg; add rather more than half a pint of stock made with the bones, thickened with a bit of butter rolled in flour, and seasoned with a tea-spoonful of lemon pickle, and a table-spoonful of white wine; make a paste of the fat of the loin, and an equal quantity of flour, rub it together, and mix with it a little cold water, roll it out two or three times, line the sides of the dish, put in the meat, and cover it.

Solid Veal Pie

Stew in veal stock, till it be perfectly tender and like a jelly, a piece of a knuckle of veal, with the gristles adhering to it; let it cool, and then pull the meat and gristles into small bits; butter a pie dish or shape, and lay at regular distances some hard-boiled yolks of eggs, and some of the white part cut into rings or strips; then put over some bits of the meat and gristle, and strew over it some pepper, salt, and grated nutmeg mixed, and a little of the gravy, and then more eggs, with small bits of beet root, green pickles, and the red part of a carrot cut to fancy; add more meat seasoning, and all the gravy; when the shape is full, put it into an oven for twenty minutes, and when quite cold turn it out. If rightly done, it will have a glazed appearance, and the variety of colors look well by candle light.