Vermicelli, Queen's

Blanch about a quarter of a pound of vermicelli in boiling water, drain it, and throw it into some rich well-seasoned stock; when tender, take it out of the soup, and put it into the tureen; thicken the soup with eight well-beaten eggs, mixed with half a pint of cream, and pour it, when quite hot, upon the vermicelli.

Vermicelli In Milk

Boil the quantity of milk you may require, and put into it half a pound of vermicelli peeled, and a sufficient quantity of sugar; stir it frequently that the vermicelli may not form a paste half an hour will be long enough to boil it A little almond milk may be added when ready for tabic.

Vermicelli Soup

Take as much good stock as you require for your tureen, strain, and set it on the fire, and when it boils, put in the vermicelli, and let it simmer for half an hour by a slow fire, that the vermicelli may not burst; the soup ought not to be very thick. Half a pound is sufficient for eight or ten persons.