Wipe three grape fruits and remove peel in six sections lengthwise of fruit. Soak over night in one quart cold water to which has been added one tablespoon salt. Drain, put in saucepan, cover with cold water and bring to boiling point; repeat three times and cook in the last water until soft, the time required being about four hours. Drain and cut in strips one-eighth inch wide. Weigh peel and put with an equal weight of sugar in saucepan and add one-half cup cold water. Bring to the boiling point, add one-half of the strips, cover and cook until pieces are clear. Remove to plate, taking up as little syrup as possible. Cool, roll each piece separately in powdered sugar and spread on a platter to dry. Proceed in same manner with remaining half. Store in glass jars.

Candied Grape Fruit Peel II

Wipe three grape fruits and remove peel in six sections, lengthwise of fruit; then cut and scrape, using a small vegetable knife, removing almost all of the white portion. Wash in cold water, drain and cut in thin strips lengthwise. Then proceed as in recipe for Candied Grape Fruit Peel I.