Put one-third cup sugar, one-third cup butter, and one-half teaspoon salt in bowl, and pour over one cup scalded milk. When lukewarm, add one yeast cake, dissolved in one-fourth cup lukewarm water, two eggs, slightly beaten, and enough flour to make a stiff batter. Cover and let rise until mixture has doubled its bulk. Cut down, beat thoroughly and spread evenly in two buttered, round layer cake tins. Sprinkle with Nut Mixture, let rise and bake in a hot oven forty minutes.

Cincinnati Coffee Bread.

Cincinnati Coffee Bread. - Page 19.

Nut Mixture

Mix two tablespoons sugar and three-fourths teaspoon cinnamon and add three-fourths cup soft, stale bread crumbs, two tablespoons melted butter, and three tablespoons chopped, blanched Jordan almonds.