Pare cucumbers and remove a thick slice from each end and with a sharp-pointed knife make eight grooves at equal distances lengthwise of cucumber. Cut in pieces crosswise and remove some of the inside, leaving cups; then cut in thin slices crosswise, keeping the original shapes. Arrange on nest of lettuce leaves and fill with Cream French Dressing (see p. 213).

Dressed Cucumber

(An accompaniment to a fish course).

Wipe a long selected cucumber. Beginning at blossom end, make nine incisions, at equal distances, through skin lengthwise of cucumber to one inch of stem end. Pass knife under sections of skin and cut down almost as far as incisions extend. Remove cucumber at that point and pare with a fluted knife, then cut in thin slices crosswise. Replace prepared cucumber in skin, place on a glass dish and garnish with watercress and radishes cut to represent flowers (see illustration). Pour over French Dressing.

Dressed Cucumber.

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