Lettuce And Pimiento Salad

REMOVE leaves from one head lettuce, wash, drain and dry. Arrange in bowl as near the original shape as possible and sprinkle with one-half cup canned pimientos cut in strips. Just before sending to table pour over Columbia French Dressing (see p. 213).

Chiccory And Celery Salad

Wash and scrape celery and cut in one and three-fourths inch pieces crosswise; then cut in thin strips lengthwise. Chill in cold water to which have been added a few drops lemon juice. Drain and dry in cheese-cloth. Pick over and wash one head chiccory, drain and dry on cheese-cloth. Arrange in salad bowl, sprinkle with celery and serve with French Dressing.

Good Luck Salad

Wipe a long selected cucumber, pare, cut in thin slices crosswise and trim. Arrange horse-shoe fashion on a bed of romaine, also trimmed and arranged horse-shoe fashion. Garnish with pieces of truffle cut to represent nail heads. Serve with Cream French Dressing (see p. 213).

Carlton Salad

Separate French Endive into pieces and clean; drain and chill. Cut cold cooked beets in one-quarter-inch slices and slices into rings and fancy shapes, using a French vegetable cutter. Arrange pieces of endive through beet rings. Arrange for individual service on crisp lettuce leaves, allowing two leaves, two bunches of endive in rings and five shapes for each portion.

Serve with Carlton Salad Dressing (see p. 217).

Carlton Salad.

Carlton Salad. - Page 196.

Nugget Salad

Wipe, peel and cut in halves small yellow tomatoes. Chill thoroughly, arrange on a bed of lettuce leaves, pour over French Dressing and sprinkle with finely chopped parsley.

German Tomato Salad

Chill six small tomatoes of uniform size. Peel (which is best accomplished by scraping entire surface with the back of a vegetable knife, when skin may be easily removed) and cut in eighths, without severing sections. Open in such fashion as to represent the petals of a flower. In centre of each place a teaspoon of pearl onions. Serve with French Dressing.

German Tomato Salad.

German Tomato Salad. - Page 197.

Poinsettia Salad

Chill, cut and arrange tomatoes same as for German Tomato Salad. In centre of each put one tablespoon cream cheese, mashed, moistened with French Dressing, seasoned with salt and paprika and forced through a puree strainer. Serve with Martinique French Dressing.

Huntington Salad

Wipe, peel and chill medium-sized tomatoes, then cut in five vertical slices, crosswise, not serving sections. Mash a cream cheese, moisten with French Dressing, pack into a timbale mould and chili thoroughly. Remove from mould, cut in one-fourth-inch slices, crosswise, and fit slices between incisions in tomatoes. Serve in nests of crisp lettuce leaves with French Dressing.

Huntington Salad.

Huntington Salad. - Page 197.