Joplin Stuffed Tomato Salad

Wipe and skin six small tomatoes. Cut a piece from stem end of each, scrape out soft inside, sprinkle inside surface with salt, invert and let stand one-half hour. Mash one-half a cream cheese, and add six chopped pimolas, one tablespoon finely chopped parsley, one tablespoon tomato pulp, and one-fourth teaspoon dry mustard and moisten with French Dressing. Fill tomatoes with mixture, arrange in nests of crisp lettuce leaves and serve with Mayonnaise Dressing.

Indian Salad

Wipe and peel six medium-sized tomatoes. Scoop out centres, sprinkle inside with salt, invert and let stand until thoroughly chilled. Insert in each from six to eight short stalks of cold boiled asparagus. Put over asparagus, resting on rims of tomato, one-fourth-inch rings cut from a cold boiled beet. Over beet rings arrange one-fourth-inch rings cut from green pepper, and over green pepper rings, red pepper rings. Arrange for individual service on crisp lettuce leaves and serve with Indian Dressing.

Indian Salad. Paqe 198.

Indian Salad.-Paqe 198.

Spring Salad

Cut four hard-boiled eggs in halves crosswise, remove yolks, and cut a thin slice from each end of whites, thus making cups that will stand upright. Mash yolks and moisten with cream salad dressing. Fill cups with one-half cup tiny cucumber cubes mixed with three tablespoons chopped sweet cucumber pickles, and moistened with cream salad dressing. Garnish top of each with yolk mixture, forced through a pastry bag and rose tube and garnish with diamond-shaped pieces of pickle. Arrange thick slices of tomato on lettuce leaves and on each slice of tomato place an egg cup. Garnish with watercress.

Spring Salad.

Spring Salad -Page 198.

Porcupine Salad

Wipe and peel eight small tomatoes and stick with two-inch narrow strips of celery and green pepper at regular intervals, allowing seven of each to each tomato. Put a tablespoon Waltham Salad Dressing (see p. 216) on each serving plate, place tomato on dressing and sprinkle with finely chopped parsley, allowing one tablespoon to the eight tomatoes.

To be accompanied with dressed lettuce or may be served on lettuce leaves.

Heliofolis Salad

Wash, scrape and cut celery in thin slices crosswise; there should be one-half cup. Wipe, pare and cut an apple in eighths, lengthwise, then sections in thin slices, crosswise. Parboil a small green pepper in boiled salted water to cover eight minutes. Cut in halves, remove seeds and cut in Julienne-shaped pieces. Wipe and peel four tomatoes of uniform size and cut in sections. Marinate each separately and chill thoroughly. Arrange on a nest of crisp lettuce leaves and serve with Cream Mayonnaise.

Dixie Salad

Wash, drain, chill and arrange French endive in salad bowl and on endive arrange thin lengthwise slices cut from sections of pared apples, small tomatoes peeled and cut in quarters, whites of hard-boiled eggs, finely chopped, and yolks of hard-boiled eggs forced through a potato ricer or puree strainer. Serve with Virginia Salad Dressing.