Celery Salad, Bonne Femme

Wash, scrape and Cut celery in small pieces. Chill in cold or ice water, drain and dry on a towel. To celery add an equal measure of apples, pared, cored and cut in small pieces. Moisten with Denver Cream Dressing and arrange in a salad bowl made of a small solid white cabbage, placed on a bed of crisp lettuce leaves. Cut rim of bowl in points and insert sections of bright red apples and whole cloves as shown in the illustration.

Celery Salad Bonne Femme.

Celery Salad Bonne Femme. - Page 200.

Allerton Salad

Wipe and pare a cucumber; cut in one-third-inch slices and slices in one-third-inch cubes. Add an equal measure of celery (cut in thin slices, crosswise), one-half the measure of English Walnut meats, broken in pieces, and one-third the measure of a red or green pepper, finely chopped. Moisten with Ruthven Salad Cream, mound on three-fourth-inch slices of peeled, chilled tomatoes, arrange in nests of lettuce leaves and sprinkle with finely cut chives.

Easter Salad

Put eggs in lower part of double boiler and cover with boiling water. Put over under part of double boiler which contains boiling water, cover and let cook on range thirty-five minutes. Remove shells and while hot hold between thumb and finger, while pressing into apple shapes. Mix a bit of Fruit.

Red with cold water and apply to eggs, using a brush. Insert a clove to represent blossom end, and a stem and leaves to represent stem end (hot-house lilac leaves answer the purpose) and arrange on lettuce leaves.

Serve with Mayonnaise Piquante (see p. 214).

Flemish Beauty Salad

Cook eggs same as for Easter Salad and when still hot, press into pear shapes. Mix a bit of Fruit Green with cold water and put on pears, using a camel's hair brush. Insert cloves and stem and leaves same as in Easter Salad. Arrange on lettuce leaves and serve with Mayonnaise Piquante (see p. 214).

Flemish Beauty Salad.

Flemish Beauty Salad. - Page 202.

Romaine Salad

Separate one head romaine in quarters. Put sections on salad plates for individual service and arrange on each sections of grape fruit, oranges and pears, using two of each. Place at ends pickled walnuts. Serve with French Dressing.

Dinner Salad

Arrange for individual service alternate sections of orange and grape fruit on romaine, allowing six sections of fruit and two romaine leaves to each portion. Garnish between sections with thin strips of canned pimiento. Serve with French Dressing.

Egg and Potato Salad.

Egg And Potato Salad. - Page 210.

Peanut Salad

Shell, skin and chop one pint peanuts; there should be one-half cup. Add one cup celery, washed, scraped, cut in small pieces, chilled in ice water, drained and dried in a towel. Marinate with French Dressing. Wipe peppers, cut in halves lengthwise, and remove seeds. Arrange on a bed of lettuce leaves, fill with prepared mixture and garnish top of each with three thin slices of radish overlapping one another.