Onion Souffle

Cook onions in boiling salted, water until soft, drain and force through a sieve; there should be one and one-fourth cups onion pulp. Melt four tablespoons butter, add four tablespoons flour, and pour on gradually one-third cup water in which onions have been cooked and one-third cup cream; then add onion pulp and bring to the boiling point. Season with salt and pepper. Beat yolks of three eggs until thick and lemon-colored and add to first mixture. Cut and fold in whites of eggs beaten until stiff and dry. Turn into a buttered baking dish and bake twenty-five minutes in a moderate oven. Serve at once.

Onion Farci

Peel six large Bermuda onions and remove a part of the inside. Put in saucepan, cover with boiling water and let boil six minutes. Drain, and stuff with veal forcemeat. Place onions in pan on six thin slices fat salt pork, pour around one cup brown or chicken stock and bake until onions are soft; the time required being about thirty-five minutes. Remove onions to serving dish, strain stock, skim off all fat that is possible, add one teaspoon beef extract, one-fourth tablespoon butter, and salt and pepper to taste. Pour over onions.

Veal Forcemeat

Finely chop raw veal; there should be one-half cup. Add two tablespoons finely chopped fat salt pork and one-half cup soft bread crumbs, cooked with one tablespoon butter and one tablespoon finely chopped onion, three minutes. When mixture is well blended add one-half teaspoon salt, one-eighth teaspoon pepper, and one egg, slightly beaten.

Oyster Plant With Fine Herbs

Wash and scrape one bunch oyster plant. Put at once into cold acidulated water and let stand ten minutes. Cut in one-inch slices crosswise and cook in boiling salted water to cover until soft. Drain, put in pan with three tablespoons butter, reheat. Add one teaspoon finely chopped parsley and one-half teaspoon finely chopped chives. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Sauted Parsnips

Cut cold, boiled young parsnips in sixths, lengthwise. Saute in butter until delicately browned and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Peppers Stuffed With Fresh Green Corn

Cut a thick slice from the stem end of each pepper, remove seeds and parboil peppers fifteen minutes in boiling salted water to which is added one-eighth teaspoon soda. Drain, fill with corn mixture, arrange on serving dish, sprinkle tops with paprika, and garnish with parsley.

Peppers Stuffed with Fresh Green Corn.

Peppers Stuffed with Fresh Green Corn. - Page 173.

Corn Mixture

Remove husks and silky threads from one dozen ears of green corn. Cut lengthwise of cob through each row of kernels and scrape with a knife to remove pulp; there should be two and one-half cups. Put pulp in omelet pan, add one-half cup milk and cook slowly, on back of range, twenty-five minutes, stirring frequently. If cooked on a gas range, gas flame should be turned low and covered with an asbestos mat. Season with butter, salt and pepper.