Cut slices from stem ends of six green peppers, remove seeds and parboil three minutes in one quart boiling water to which has been added one-eighth teaspoon soda. Bring one-half can tomatoes to boiling point and let simmer twenty-minutes; then rub through a sieve and continue the simmering until there is one-half cup tomato puree. Season with salt and pepper and add one-half cup hot boiled rice. Let stand until rice has absorbed tomato; then add one sweetbread, parboiled and cut in small cubes. Season with one-half teaspoon salt and one-eighth teaspoon paprika. Fill peppers with mixture, arrange in a pan, sprinkle tops with buttered bread crumbs, and bake until crumbs are brown. Remove to circular pieces of sauted bread and pour around.

Littleton Sauce

Mix one teaspoon flour and one teaspoon mustard, and when thoroughly blended add one tablespoon melted butter, one tablespoon vinegar, one-half cup boiling water and the beaten yolks of three eggs. Cook in double boiler, stirring constantly, until mixture thickens. Add one-fourth teaspoon salt, and a few grains, each, pepper and cayenne. Just before serving add one tablespoon currant jelly separated in small pieces.

Radishes Cut for Garnishing.

Radishes Cut for Garnishing.

Templeton Stuffed Peppers

Wipe four long, green peppers and parboil ten minutes in one quart boiling water, to which has been added one-fourth teaspoon soda. Drain, cut in halves, lengthwise, remove seeds, stuff, arrange in pan, cover with buttered crumbs, and bake until crumbs are brown.

For the stuffing cook one-half tablespoon chopped onion, and one-half tablespoon green pepper, cut in small pieces, in two tablespoons butter five minutes, stirring constantly. Add two tablespoons flour mixed with one teaspoon salt, one-fourth teaspoon paprika, one-fourth teaspoon mustard, and a few grains cayenne. Pour on gradually, while stirring constantly, one-half cup milk; bring to the boiling point, add one cup canned corn and cook five minutes; then add one egg, slightly beaten, and two-thirds cup dry bread, broken in very small pieces and sauted in butter until well browned.